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Get ready to meet your exceptional on-call doctor
who's looking out for you like a friend

Membership Process


Welcome Aboard

When you become a member, a detailed profile of you with relevant outside records is compiled by Carte Clinics. You'll have a lead Carte Clinics doctor and their team that you'll know on a first-name basis.


Direct Access 24/7/365

Whenever you call, text, or email us on the private members line, you are connected directly to one of your Carte Clinics doctors: not an assistant, not a phone tree, not a chatbot.


Medical expertise

Your Carte Clinics doctor will either give advice on your question on the spot or research and get back to you. If we think specialized expertise is needed, we connect to our nationwide network of individually vetted specialists.


Attentive Follow-Up

Throughout the process, we stay in touch to make sure our recommendations addressed your needs and your medical team has full context to strategize optimal next steps.

Talk directly to a doctor who knows the whole you.  

No strangers. No hold music. No chatbots. Just exceptional doctors curating specialists, testing, and experiences across every aspect of your health.


Keep the team of doctors you like

We don't replace in-person visits. We are here for everything in between in-person visits.
Comparison between  Concierge Doctors and Primary Care Physicians and Carte Clinics Physicians

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