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Dr. Gina Siddiqui on Reinventing Healthcare to Put the Patient First

Tune in wherever you get your podcasts to Dr. Gina Siddiqui's interview by journalist, women's health advocate, and founder of the Covey Club community, Lesley Jane Seymour. They discuss navigating difficult diagnoses, the responsibility of managing health for a whole family, how to get the best out of your doctor team, and more.

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Do you have the information you need when you give medical consent?

Studies repeatedly show patients have inadequate information to consent to high-stakes medical plans. If you want better results, change the game. Record, do research, and have backup advocating for you.

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How to focus on quality of life before it's too late, Part 2

At Carte Clinics our goal isn't just to administer blood tests. If we're going to make you healthier, we're going to empower your all-in striving on the parts of yourself you know matter most.

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How to focus on quality of life before it’s too late, Part 1: FOOD

Consider the impact food you like more might have on your quality of life (or that of a loved one).

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How my grandfather died

His surgeons and ICU doctors his last hospital visit were really excellent. Like so many older people though, the medical system's attention came on him only when it was so late, and only for surgeries and procedures - not for helping him live better naturally

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My last ER shift at undisclosed hospital

Women like this (and anyone going through life-impacting medical decisions) should get as much time as they need with experts to make the right choice and feel a sense of peace about it. They’re not wasting anyone’s time: getting sound explanations is part of health care, which is their fundamental right.

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A Spine and Time: The Two Nonnegotiables for Doctors (That Are Alarmingly Disappearing)

I don’t have a magic wand to make the whole health care honor patients’ right to as much time they need with doctors. But I can protect Carte Clinics which funds doctors to take as much time as clients need, and to watch out for the bad actors and steer clients the eff away from them.

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Cheap doctor visits and cheap processed food: both have a lot of marketing dollars behind them

Doctors who don't tell you what you need to hear are like empty calories. Talking to doctors who aren’t rushed or incentivized to steer you to A or B is the equivalent of eating mostly fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Are You Managing Complicated Medical Care for a Loved One? Use Carte for Caregivers

The medical care of people you love can make you feel powerless. Carte Clinics can help.

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Carte Clinics on the Revitalizing Doctor Podcast

Listen to Carte Clinics' founder and CEO Dr. Siddiqui share the vision for Carte Clinics with Dr. Andrea Austin on the Revitalizing Doctor podcast.

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GLP-1 Considerations in Surgery

Ozempic? Wegovy? Trulicity? Talk to your doctor before surgery.

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Wealth Managers and Health Managers

Which is more important for you to get in 2024, a wealth manager or a health manager?

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Expect About Six Minutes.

Things aren't just rushed at the primary care office: Our health system leaves doctors with 6 minutes to talk to patients when they are their sickest, in the ER.

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“This is not a substitute for professional medical advice...”

There is no specialty that takes accountability for finding answers to questions that patients find important.

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You Should Talk to Doctors Who Want To Talk To You

No one wants to be cared for by a doctor who's burnt out. Here's what all of us can do about it.

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Dipping your toes into longevity?

Three ways to vet wellness practices.

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Dr. Siddiqui in The New York Times about how we fail patients with high standards

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Dr. Siddiqui in Scientific American on how we learned to use a revolutionary technology well in medicine... 300 years ago

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Collaborating with The Rhode Island School of Design on meeting patients where they are

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Dr. Siddiqui in Quartz challenging doctors to be less like robots

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Dr. Siddiqui in The New York Times on the chaos of American emergency rooms, and why we just can't seem to slow down

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