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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do I get from a membership with Carte Clinics?

As a Carte Clinics member, you get your own dedicated team of doctors on-call who connect you to Carte Clinics’ doctor-vetted directory of top specialists.

Our national directory rigorously checks the quality of specialists across quantitative and qualitative parameters to a level not found anywhere else. It covers both common and incredibly rare areas of focus, over more than 120 specialties or subspecialties (and constantly growing).

You get this access 24/7/365: on weekends, holidays, and from wherever you are: whether traveling, at work, or in the comfort of your own home. 

When can I call Carte Clinics?

You can call Carte Clinics any time you want advice from excellent doctors. But we’re especially useful when you are not sure which expert to seek medical care from, because we connect not with a single smart doctor but a rich network of experts.

We always start by carefully listening to your issue. Next, we always give our medical takeaways.

After that, if we think you need specialist input, we call up any relevant specialists, and if it seems like you ought to visit with a specialist, we get you an expedited appointment. 

Why does Carte Clinics call specialists for me?

We call on your behalf to leverage the clinical interpretation we’ve already done after talking to you. After you tell your Carte Clinics doctor what is going on, you shouldn’t have to repeat your story again and again.

Because we have a deep network across medical specialties and direct lines of contact, we know who to call. Our specialists trust our clinical judgment. If we say our patient needs to be seen, they listen.

Can’t I just Google search to find a specialist?

You certainly can. It can be a time-consuming and frustrating process, though. We try to improve on the process three ways: 

(1) Better answers in the moment: We give you an instantaneous doctor's perspective, so right after calling you get insights from a top-tier doctor on your issue. 

(2) Specialist feedback in hours, not months: Our clinical review and discussion with specialists often reveals suprising needs for your case: a sub-specialist with experience in a particular diagnosis or procedure, or specific testing in advance of an appointment. In rare cases we even find ways to resolve issues without specialist appointments altogether. This saves you from waiting and then finding out the appointment you waited for was of little help. 

(3) Unlisted appointment slot access: We leverage Carte Clinics' trust and commitment from our network of specialists to get you appointments sooner. 

Can’t my current doctors do this?

Carte Clinics exists to support your current doctors. The doctors who make themselves available around the clock and take time to solve problems for you as they come up between visits deserve major kudos. We never aim to replace the responsive and attentive doctors already on your team. 

Sometimes, though, you want a doctor to drop everything they’re doing for a few hours and sort out your issue. Most doctors are already overbooked and just don’t have the bandwidth to go in-depth, even if they want to. But we can flex up our time for members in moments of need – by design. 

Our doctors don’t have a full schedule of scheduled appointments when on call. All of our records and work are shared with your medical team so they can stay up to speed.

And if you have an amazing doctor who retires, we can help you transition to another great doctor with all your records intact. Your team at Carte Clinics knows you, has the time to help you, and has the connections needed to make things happen. 

I have had a lot of frustrating experiences with doctors. How is the Carte Clinics relationship different?

We have too! We think a lot of this comes down to medicine having gotten really complicated. Now doctors say “Sorry, not my problem” more often because more often the matter isn't in their scope or control.

Doctors mean well, but they are letting down patients when they really need a doctor's guidance. It’s heartbreaking as a patient to go to the medical system for help and not get answers, or even where you can go for answers.

To address this, Carte Clinics gives our doctors the two things they desperately need more of to help patients: time and support.

Carte Clinics doctors aren’t saddled with appointments, so they have time for you. And Carte Clinics doctors are supported by an incredible team of specialists and troves of data to help patients when they don't know the answer, so they can bring their patients a whole new level of insight, in real-time.

What does it feel like to have a team of Carte Clinics physicians? 

This structure fosters a completely different relationship with physicians, without excessive formality and distance.

Multiple people have told us that membership is like having a genius, hyper-connected doctor in the family. That’s a lovely way of putting it. Of course, we think it’s more  like having not one genius, hyper connected doctor in the family, but thousands.  

Can Carte Clinics help in emergencies?

Call 911 in an emergency, not us. This is important.

Carte Clinics physicians are emergency-trained so we listen for dangerous features in our members’ calls to help members not delay time-sensitive matters. But we are not with you in-person and situations can change rapidly. If you ever sense you may have a life-threatening emergency, do not call us: call 911.

What qualifications do your doctors have?

All are board-certified emergency physicians practicing across the US. Some have practiced in austere wilderness, many in busy cities, and a few have worked internationally as well.

We choose physicians with a lot of experience, a hunger for improving the status quo, the ability to listen deeply, and whip-smart intellect (more than 80% of our doctors are ivy-league trained). You’ll meet your assigned physician team of ~6 when you become a member and can read their incredible bios for yourself.

I’m healthy - why should I get a membership?

To stay that way!

If we had to draw one common theme among our members, it is how full of life they are. We can’t control everything about our health, but we can control how we try to manage the cards we’ve been dealt. 

Carte Clinics is made for motivated people with high standards, big goals, and a desire to take an active role in health matters to live their fullest life. Our network of specialists is not just for treating diseases and diagnosing problems, but also for being proactive and preventative.

Submit an inquiry about your health goals and we can give you custom feedback on if we have insights and partners for you (if we don't have much to offer you, we'll tell you). 

Can Carte Clinics help if something really bad happens?

We hope you don’t find yourself or a loved one in the hospital, but if it happens, we will be here to support you.

We can join calls with family members and doctors on rounds, and spend hours with you to help sort out tough decisions. Those are the moments when we can do what other doctors are almost certainly too busy to do. 

How can I cancel my subscription?

You have two options to cancel your membership:

Via Email Link: If you still have the email you received when you first signed up, simply click the cancellation link provided in that email. This will initiate the cancellation process.

Email Us: If you no longer have access to the original email or link, you can send an email to support@carteclinics.com. Our team will assist you in canceling your membership.

Once you've requested a cancellation, your membership will remain active until the end of the current billing period for which you've already paid. After that period, your membership will be deactivated.

Immediate access to better expertise in any specialty, across any problem.


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