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What We Do

Lead Physicians at Carte Clinics

Dr. Jessica Duke | Carte Clinics

Dr. Jessica Duke

Dr. Jessica Duke is an Emergency Physician on the Big Island of Hawaii. She was born in Rochester, NY, but spent 8 years of her childhood living in France and China. After graduating magna cum laude with a degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Cornell University, Dr. Duke completed medical school at the Penn State College of Medicine. She did her residency training in Emergency Medicine at Yale-New Haven Hospital, serving as Chief Resident during her final year of residency. She then went on to pursue a Wilderness Medicine Fellowship at the Yale School of Medicine, working with companies like National Geographic, the 4 Deserts Race series, and AdventureMed. She has completed her Fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine, Diploma in Mountain Medicine, and Diploma in Dive and Marine Medicine.

Dr. Anand Selvam

Dr. Anand Selvam is an Assistant Professor Adjunct of Emergency Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine. He works clinically at both a busy community hospital/trauma center and also a rural, critical access hospital serving Native American populations on the Olympic Peninsula in WA. He completed the Global Health and International Emergency Medicine Fellowship at Yale University and a Master’s degree in Tropical Medicine & International Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Dr. Selvam has provided clinical care and conducted research extensively abroad, including work in South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Iraq, Palestine/West Bank, and the Indian subcontinent. His interests include complex humanitarian emergencies, conflict/refugee medicine, Emergency Medicine development, and providing care in resource limited settings.

Dr. Gina Siddiqui | Carte Clinics

Dr. Gina Siddiqui

Dr. Gina Siddiqui is the founder and CEO of Carte Clinics. She is a practicing Emergency Physician where she grew up, in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC. Dr. Siddiqui has shared her passion for modernizing health care delivery in pieces for The New York Times, TIME, Scientific American, Quartz, and other outlets, and has collaborated on projects to reimagine the care experience with The Rhode Island School of Design and The American College of Emergency Physicians. Previously Gina was the Chief Clinical Officer for Florence Labs and Clinical Leadership Fellow in the Office of Managed Care for New York City Health + Hospitals. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and completed her residency training at Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Dr. Charles Duke | Carte Clinics

Dr. Charles Duke

Dr. Charles Duke is a practicing Emergency Medicine physician who has participated in altitude physiology research in Nepal and served with the National Park Service Denali Rangers on North America’s highest peak. He did his Emergency Medicine residency and Wilderness Medicine Fellowship at Yale New Haven Hospital. He has earned the Fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine, Diploma in Mountain Medicine, Diploma in Dive and Marine Medicine, and is a Master Diver. Now on the Big Island of Hawaii, his practice includes wilderness and tropical medicine.

Fun fact: He also has a PhD (in Organometallic Photochemistry!)

Treating patients as passive “guests” is on the way out. Mapping options is the future.

The last century of medical care centered around the hospital, a word which means "guest." Being treated as a guest, with someone taking charge over your care, is really only needed if you are very ill, unconscious, or in completely over your head.

Thankfully, we're living longer, have access to more information, and can be empowered now. It's time for another model. We don't want our doctors to make us feel like dependent guests in the house of medicine anymore. We want doctors to show us the map.

"Carte" means "map." Carte Clinics has spent thousands of hours mapping the topography of modern medicine's tests, specialists, and breakthroughs for our members. Equipped with a good map, our doctors will be your trustworthy guides.

We find the best medical routes for you. Because it's your journey.  
Dr. Gina Siddiqui
- Gina Siddiqui
Founder, Carte Clinics
No more calling multiple doctors offices to look for appointments.
We match you to excellent doctors and handle scheduling.
No more starting over every time you need a new doctor.
We bring doctors on your team up to speed so you don't repeat yourself.
No more annoying portals to talk to a doctor, or generic nurse advice lines
You have a private number direct to a doctor. No middleman.
No more Googling symptoms or trying to vet new scans or treatments alone.
Our physician network is well-versed in a broad range of medical research.
No more limiting your medical care to one-size-fits-all options
We research every topic relevant to your health. And we don't stop until you get answers.